How to open and forward FTP port?

I would like to access Turris over FTP, but I’m not able to change opened ports. Even if I try to edit settings in LuCi in Firewall section, the port 21 is still closed.

Does anyone know how to edit firewall config to open port 21?
Port forwarding seems to be working fine.

Thank you

It might be a stupid question but do you have FTP server installed and listening on port 21?

I want to access my mounted disk connected directly to my router through port 21. But I can’t find how to change listening ports.

I access Turris over FTP SFTP port 22.

have you configured and started vsftpd?

I can access my turris also over SFTP port 22, but VLC on iPhone does not support SFTP. So I would like to set up classic FTP. I thought I don’t have to start and set up special service for this. Is that necessary?

yes - FTP is disabled by default. You need to go to System -> Startup, scroll down to vsftpd and enable it / start it. You should configure the service (like folders, user access, anonymous access etc.) - google for “openwrt vsftpd” and you will find several tips / how-to. Just be careful in case you want to open FTP over WAN …