How to mount exfat filesystem?

Can someone help me, please, to mount exfat HDD Western Digital Wireless? I tried automount, config in Luci or manual mount. The problem is, that mount doesn’t work for exfat - unknown filesystem. The kmod-fs-exfat is installed.

Thank you.

Are you planning to have that HDD plugged in the Omnia permanently? If so, i would advice you to format it to another fs.

If not, well it leaves only fat32. exFat being developed by Microsoft with their necessary proprietary makes it hard to support in under Linux…openWRT being also part of it. I have a thread here, but it doesn’t really look like as if they have solved it completely.

It’s not like exFAT couldn’t be reverse engineered: NTFS was done in the same manner. The problem is that exFAT is patent encumbered, therefore no one would risk a lawsuit for infringement.


What would be a good filesystem to have when the HDD will be used with Windows machines and Pi’s?

@edw, It depends on what you are planning to do with that HDD.

You said “Windows and Pi’s”, so i guess you are not talking about openWRT/LEDE/Turris-OS.

exFat would be oke, i guess. You do have to install the necessary software on the Pi’s to support exFat.

If it is a Debian based such as Raspbian, you have to have exfat-fuse exfat-utils installed, on other Linux distro’s running on the Pi’s i am not sure if those are the same exact packages, but they surely also have something like it if not the same.

@edw, I will not recommend to use exFat with Omnia. I ended up with moving all data to spare harddisks to reformate exfat hdd to NTFS. It took some more tweaking to configure NTFS formated hdd to be mounted after Omnia restart, but it works incl. miniDLNA quite good now.

Thanks. I want a hdd connected to the omnia to be usable by a (Pi) mediaplayer and as backup disk for Windows machines in the netwerk. The hdd is exFat at the moment and am having problems getting it mounted. That’s why I asked what a good fs would be so I can format it to the best suited. Looking at all the extra’s that needs to be installed for exFat, I’ll try NTFS.