How to keep resolv.conf after reboot

I’m using unbound on a computer in my home network for name resolution. So I disabled it on Turris Omnia. How can I get the Omnia to use the “external” dns server without getting resolv.conf overwritten after each reboot?

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I know how to set it up to forward to that server, but I guess you do know that as well. BTW, I wonder if resolv.conf was enough for you – I would suppose you also want DHCP from Omnia to hand out the address of your “external” DNS server, too.

My biggest problem is, that the Omnia can’t update itself because it can’t resolve hostnames. So yes, resolv.conf seems to be enough. Everything else (dns/dhcp for clients) is working flawlessly. Any hints highly appreciated.

Maybe the forwarder you get is problematic. Did you try disabling forwarding? (In the Foris web UI / DNS, and you can test it there as well.)

Disabling forwarding didn’t help. Connection tests don’t work. The just stay at status “loading”.

If I edit resolv.conf to my LANs settings and enable forwarding in Foris, both DNS-test (DNS, DNSSEC) are successful. So it seems it would be enough to have a working resolv.conf.

Well, if resolv.conf orders to use some other resolver, the tests will use that one and it doesn’t matter what settings you have in Foris/DNS. Hard to say what’s wrong with it, but you don’t seem to want Omnia to do its own DNS anyway…