How to install DS-Lite

I moved to a new location and I have now a fiber connection via DS-Lite.
From my provider I got username/password for internet access.

I managed to connect with a Fritzbox 7490, but I would like to have my Turris Omnia as the main router.

Since Foris seems to ignore DS-Lite, I went to luci.

I changed the WAN interface to “Dual-Stack Lite (RFC6333)” and entered the AFTR address.
Where do I put the username/password for internet access?

Thanks for Help

ping - any suggestions?

Our configuration looks like this:

The AFTR-adress in our case had to be filled in as IPv6, not as FQDN…
After this you need to create an additional interface with PPPoE connection. You can insert your credentials there. When you created both, there should automatically appear an additional interface for IPv6 (the bottom one in the screenshot)