How to enable mosh-server on turrisOS?

Hi, has anyone attempted to install mosh to keep ssh sessions alive when using mobile connectivity?
The only info I could find is here:
Has anyone tested this script?

Once I updated some feed definition and it was possible to compile it.

But currently I have no machine with toolchain.

Yes, same problem on my side (no toolchain). I might test it in an LXC container with same OS level if I’ll ever get the chance.

Thanks for the reply.

mosh is available in OpenWrt master. Or maybe the HBD branch (not quite sure).

I’d like to make a request to get this into HBT, or at least HBK


I’d say that sometimes it is not a good idea to respond to the thread, which is more than one year old.

Package mosh is present in the master branch and in the openwrt-19.07 branch. This means that your requested package is already available to install since we released Turris OS 5.0, as this version is based on top of it.

In any case, if you want to have packages backported from upstream, you need to request in the upstream repositories. We can not do it on your behalf as we need to try if it compiles, then we need to try it if it works as it should.

From my experience, it is better if you submit the pull request yourself, which adds the package to make it better. It would be refused to merge it, rarely. New features should not be added to the released stable version.