How to delete account and remove my posts

Hi guys,

I would like to delete my account here including all my posts. I can’t figure out how to do it.

I removed hundreds of my posts but unfortunately I created some topics. When I my posts here @Pepe returned them back. I asked him to delete my account but he told me I can’t do it.

I can’t close my account. At least I don’t see this possibility in account administration.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Here should have been … I asked him to delete my account but the told me he can’t do it.

I can’t update original post because of maximum of daily edits.

We came to conclusion:

  • We don’t want to let users delete their whole account including their posts.
  • We don’t want users delete their posts older than 1 or a few more days.
  • We won’t delete any thread per your request, when they are replies from other users.

You deleted almost 350 posts. What about replies to your posts? What about context?

  • Anyway, when someone deletes posts it only leads to confusion and misunderstanding in the content of the related thread.

I’m not familiar that other forums allow you to remove posts yourself or if they will even delete your account.

If you want we can disable access to your account. That’s all what we can do.

~ Closing.