How to create VLANs in TOS5.x?

Hi there,

I bought my Turris Omnia during the original Kickstarter and I never used it for anything despite the promising hardware, due to the terrible software.

I’ve picked it up again as I would like to use it as my home router. I’ve used the latest medkit to update the Omnia to the lastest 5.1.3 version.

However I don’t see any instructions anywhere on how to create VLANs on the various LAN ports. In none of the various GUIs is there any VLAN configurations (Foris, ReForis nor LuCI). From what I’ve gathered from the forums at TOS4.x they moved away from swconfig (Network -> Switch) to DSA. However since that point I do not see how to create or use VLANs.

There was a documentation issue opened for this on the GitLab at some point:

Of course as one would expect nothing seems to have come of it and it was closed without comment and without completion.

It also seems that upstream LuCI does not support DSA switch configuration either:

I’d appreciate some advice on how to create the VLANs, cheers.

edit: Found this MR from the docs repo on GitLab:

If you’re okay with using commandline for the config, it’s sufficient if you mention a VLAN interface and it will be created automatically. VLAN interfaces look like eth0.11, which means VLAN 11 on eth0. Look in /etc/network/interfaces. Tagging/untagging can probably be set simply by firewall settings (here I’m not so sure, though).

All the trick is to type VLAN manually. And all my investigation shows as soon as you create VLAN on eth0.x, the "x"VLAN is automatically propagated over all lan0-4 as like trunk.
So you will have:
a) “native” VLAN eth0 talking to lan0-4 directly
b) “x” VLAN eth0.x talking in trunk mode with lan0.x-4.x
I also do not know why such trivial think cannot be documented!

my Omnia has TOS5.1.4.
I’d like to set up a VLAN in order to convert LAN4 to a WANB port so that mwan3 can be installed and configured.

LAN4 is unassigned in reForis, but I’m new to VLANs and I am not sure how to proceed. Ultimately mwan3 will be configured for failover.

A little background:
mwan3 was set up under OS 4.0.5 but it mysteriously stopped providing load balancing functionality. The two 2 WAN ports do not have equal bandwidth, so I’m not sure if that contributed to the failure of mwan3.

mwan3 works as intended. In order to conserve resources, I disabled the automatic failover feature.