How to create new foris password from scratch?

The documentation mentions /etc/config/foris has the password hash encoded as bcrypt with 1000 iterations.

I have ssh access to my machine but not (re)foris - could you include a command that can be run from my omnia to generate a new password? Thanks!

About this problem Search results for 'forgotten password' - Turris forum

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So the root password I have works fine, but the non-root password that is used for (re)foris I have lost - how do I change the foris password either via ssh or the luci web interface?

Still having difficulty updating my password - I can access ssh and luci, but not reforis

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I think, you are looking for this: Troubleshooting [Turris wiki]

uci delete foris.auth
uci commit

and then setting it like normal worked, thank you

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