How to configure USB leds activity on Omnia

I have been struggling unsuccessfully for a while now to configure the “rgb:indicator-1” and “rgb:indicator-2” LEDs to reflect USB port activity.

I just got TurrisOS 6.0.1 today, but I still can’t find any options to do it via LuCi.

I have found that probably the file I have to change is /etc/config/system, but I don’t know what I have to write to make it associate the led with the corresponding usb port.

Could someone help me?

You have to wait for the fixes to this module … now it just doesn’t work like it used to. According to the developers, it should be in version 6.0.2. You will come across some partial solutions in the discussions here, better to wait.

Actually I didn’t manage to get the LED activity on the flash drive working in the previous version either, but I’m not a master of the field. I recommend searching this forum, the search works :slight_smile:

TurrisOS 6.3.1 and I still don’t know how to configure the led light to show USB activity.

I give up on this issue.

You are probbably missing kmod-usb-ledtrig-usbport and luci-app-ledtrig-usbport

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Great, thank you!!

Now it can show if there is something plugged in or not. I would rather also show if there is any activity on that port… Is there any way to do it or is this all you can get?

Still, I don’t understand HOW I could be missing these modules. Shouldn’t they be core part of the device itself to be distributed with the SO updates?