How to configure Turris WAN port for external LTE modem in bridge mode?


I am able to configure LTE USB modem connected to Turris USB.
I am able to configure WAN port of Turris to connect ADSL modem in bridge mode.

But I do not know how to configure the wan port of Turris for external Zyxel LTE3301 modem which can be switched to bridge mode. It will be surely different from ADSL modem way.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


An external LTE router should run a DHCP server and NAT so the config on the Turris would be DHCP Client.

Welcome to the world of Triple-NAT.

I’m pretty sure he knows this possibility but this is not what he is asking for. He wants to have that Zyxel in bridge mode to avoid NAT, but he doesn’t know how to set up Omnia.

OT: Roman, why are you went from LTE USB modem to an external modem? I’m thinking of buying LTE USB modem and I’d like to know what problems you had with it.

In the bridge mode the WAN IP address assigned from the provider is going directly through LTE modem to Turris ( ! bypassing the NAT, etc) and the DHCP client mode is thus correct setting and works, thank you.

To: pav.
In my case USB modem is working correctly app 28 hours, but after that period is freezing. Restarting of the Turris with help of Watchcat do not solve the problem (maybe too short time for “off power” state for USB modem). I have to put the modem off from USB and put it on again manually and it starts new app 28 hours period of working. But maybe it is only individual behavior of my USB modem, you should test it.

The second problem is that USB modem is rather hot and there is not possibility for cooling (may be tear down the plastic cover). I do not know if it is really designed for permanent work…

So maybe USB LTE modem was overheating? What brand/type you’ve had?
I’m trying not to have another external box with own power adapter. All my mini PCIe ports in Omnia are full, so I thought USB modem will be an option.

I understand - it would be surely better to use only Omnia equipped with everything :-).

Overheated? I do not think so, the 28 hours seems to me as too long time period for it. I think that this problem is probably related to overfilled operating memory - my daily data usage is about 4 GB divided to 8 local clients …

I have HUAWEI E3372. It is a pity that I have not another model for testing…