How to configure 802.11w?

Hi Guys,

How can I properly configure and enable 802.11w for my wireless interface.
I tried adding ieee80211w option under /etc/config/wireless, I cannot verify if everything is configured properly.
Also if this configuration is even supported on Omnia or not?

Hi Sudhanshu,

I didn’t find straightforward method for validation, but it seems that Turris works well with the 802.11w.

Here are my investigation results:

  • it seems that clients as well AP wifi hardware/OS needs to support the 802.11w
  • by setting
uci commit wireless
 - X=2 - limited number of my devices could connect and operate
 - X=1 - all devices worked

* my investigation based:
 - (with examples sub-link)

Note:  I did the tests using 2,4/5G default Turris' card in 2,4 n-mode with WPA2 802.1X (CCMP).
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Thanks KrisAn for the validation and the setup info. I will try configuring and share my experience.