How to compile Turris OS 3.x?

Now that I can finally fully compile Turris v3 for the omnia, it is crystal clear that:
a) the turris-os repo maintainers don’t care that public build documentation fails to build all the way to medkit and hasn’t (nearly) ever done so, and
b) the forum mods either have no clue what they are doing (less likely), or actively lie by giving people time intensive “fixes” that would have never worked.

Blaming your interested and dedicated fan-base rather than admitting you guys simply do not maintain the repositories in a publically-documented buildable state is both reprehensible and ruins your reputation (examples include telling people to go rebuild on 14.04/16.04 Ubuntu if they are on 18.04, which uses libncursesw5.9 when 6 is required)

Who is interested if I were to prepare a native-development-kit package to allow compiling software on the device itself?

Wtf… would you care to provide link to such malicious behavior? I dpn’t beleave that anybody from team would do that intentionally.

I am constantly answering that Turris OS 3.x is almost impossible to build. It won’t build on anything newer than old Ubuntu LTS and that is questionable as well. We do have documentation

The required version for ncurses is 5 for OpenWrt but possibly 6 for kernel so go figure. Turris OS 3.x is (as repeatedly stated) mess of old OpenWrt and various fixups. We are building it on old Ubuntu LTS… we do not use menuconfig on server or anywhere else.

You should have better luck with Turris OS 4.0+. (no user friendly documentation over readme and help of scripts is not available yet)