How to auto start LXC containers?

Normally lxc containers are auto-started when having: = 1 in the container’s configuration file. I added that, but the containers are still not auto-started. :sweat:

I also noticed /etc/default/lxc not to be present. But I did found a /etc/lxc/lxc.conf which I appended with: LXC_AUTO="true". Also the lxc-autostart (executable) is missing as a regular command from the lxc “landscape”.

Could anyone enlighten me on how to auto-start containers at system (Omnia) reboots?

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See “/etc/config/lxc-auto” and check there exists a file “/etc/rc.d/S99lxc-auto”. If it doesn’t exist then run “/etc/init.d/lxc-auto enable”.


This link should help to you :slight_smile:


DOH! :flushed:

Sorry about that…

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