How to access first-run wizard of Turris Mox

Hello everyone,

I have had the Turris Mox Classic lying around for quite a while, for a couple of reasons I never got around to set it up. I have finally given it a try but I can’t access the router in my browser for the start-up wizard.

I am following the instructions given here:

I do see the “heartbeat” pattern of the front LED and I can ping However when I try to access that IP the connection repeatedly fails.

Has anybody had similar problems or knows of a solution? I’m grateful for any help!


Is your PC with that you try to access your MOX connected to any other network (e.g. via Wi-Fi or another ethernet cable)?
I had similar issues and those stopped when I turned of Wi-Fi of my laptop :wink:

Thanks for your suggestion, but I have turned WiFi off on my notebook and I don’t have any other cables plugged in.

Did you freshly install TOS on your microSD? If not - do it and try again.

Sounds good. Can you point me to an instruction?

Have a look here: and

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