How much heat and noise does the device produce?

How much heat does the device generate? Subjectively speaking, if I place my hand on it, would the device feel hot, warm, neutral, cool? Since a “cooler” is listed as supplied, would that be a fan? How efficiently does the cooler dissipate the heat? In any case, would the device be nearly silent or produce a noticeable amount of noise? Thank you very much.

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Somwhere in the campaign’s comments they stated that the device will be fanless = quiet. The generated heat will probably mostly depend on the device’s load (i.e. the services you run) and the HDD you might use.

Deltahotel is right. Omnia will be fanless and the heat depends on load. Under heavy load the box can be noticeably warm.

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Not being able to find the operating temperature range anywehere on the webpage neither in the forum here. What that would be? Basically I plan to have it under the roof (dry environment, but not insulated) so I can expect anything between -20 to +50C. The ancient router which I am having at the moment doesn’t have a problem, though it gets warm/hot in the summer days. Was anything like that tested perhaps?

For the above reasons, would welcome possibility for additional mounting fan (that can be switched by temperature) inside or outside the case (ventilation holes on the case and holes for fixing fan)