How can I setup a wireless mesh for a larger building?

I’ve discovered Turris and want to try;)

I want to set up a mesh to cover a larger mansion, so I’ll probably need three. I have like six users streaming, gaming, etc.

I’m a bit confused about all the options;)

Should I buy like three MOX Start or Pocket WiFi or Power WiFi 6?:wink:

Are there some material I can delve into to get a good setup?

I also see they all got internal antennas. There are none where antennas can be external? Why? Am I missing something fundamental knowledge about coverage?:wink:

Sorry for basic questions; I’m just a bit fresh here. I have been running Cisco Access Points in this mansion with same SSID.

Any pointers welcome;)

There have a couple of questions been answered already in this thread: Omnia WiFi6 to tri-band

Do you need to cover different floors?
If yes, can at least one access point per floor be connected wiredly to the router?
What kind of walls will be limiting your WiFi range?
Do you want to access files in your home network (file server, etc)? ISP provided speed >200 Mbit?

MOX is meant to be custom built and smaller than classic router design of Turris Omnia and thus does not have external antennas. On the other hand the difference between Turris Omnia external antennas (+4/5dBi) and those of MOX (+2/3 dBi) is not of real world relevance, both being omnidirectional antennas.
If you are fine with DYI/modding, you can add external antennas for MOX as well btw.