How can I determine which adblock lists block a given url?



Title say it all. Ideally I would like a field into which I could enter a url and get back the set of blocking lists.


I think kresd already gets data where this isn’t represented, so it’s probably best to ask @dibdot.


Adblock prepares a single merged, sorted & optimized blocklist for the dns backends, without any sourcelist information.

To get this kind of information, enable the adblock backup function. These backups are compressed & still separated per source. To search these backups, use this script snippet:




for file in ./*.gz
        zcat "${file}" | awk -v f="${file}" "/${search}+$/{printf \"%-30s%s\n\",f,\$1}"

Save the script as “” in your adblock backup folder and make it executable. The script requires only a domain as input parameter (e.g. Example output as follows:

root@blackhole:/mnt/data/adblock# ./

Hope this helps!


Yes that helps a lot. Thank you very much.