How can I block specific URL's

I got my Turris Omnia a few days ago. So I’m an absolute newbie. But I got it up and running. After some sniffing I found out that my Smart TV (Samsung) is telephoning quite often with some servers at * Even a simple switching of the TV channel creates a message. It’s easy to cut off the TV feom any internet access by setting its DNS server to
But that’s not what I want.
I would like to have some type of a blacklist with a wildcard eg * where the * is the wildcard character. According to the OpenWRT wiki, I can block certain IP adresses
Example from the wiki:

config rule
option src lan
option dest wan
option dest_ip
option target REJECT

How can I achieve an URL blocking?

Thanks for your help.

I did by setting up a LXC container and installing PiHole into it. Great solution and blocks a lot of ads.

The netfilter and iptables are not appropriate for URL filtering. Maybe better solution is to use some proxy server like squid. Squid packages are available via LuCI interface (System → Software).

sqid seems to be the solution and is even already installed on my TO.
Is there any documentation how to use/configure squid on the TO?
Do I need squidguard?

While Squid can do what you want, it really isn’t the best tool for the job. But you’re going to want to turn to the official documentation for Squid on how to configure it

I’d also recommend searching “how to block ads with squid”. You’ll find a number of articles telling you various ways to do so.