Hostnames and DHCP static leas hostname

I have static lease DHCP for all my station … I’ve already asked about it once and forgotten… what is the next list of hostnames for ?



I guess it’s /etc/hosts content, where did you find that?

note that host names must not contain underscores, I recommend chaning them to hyphens.

that is for DHCP, when you are using/having localdomain (dynamic domain) at use, see /etc/config/dhcp. With static leases (static domain), you can use oldish /etc/hosts instead.

The client gets a different IP address assigned to the network each time. Its hostname will be different each time ? I do not see a reasonable purpose in that.

In my case, I have dynamic-domain at use while having two static leases active (for my TV an one old RPI2 device). Both static-lease ones are getting always same IP. While for my local domain those listed in “luci/hostnames” are given also same IP. Those not listed there or in /etc/hosts are different each lease.


Shortly “ and” files are pretty fine, since some time. I remember having similar issues, but that was related to specific hostname characters/letters at use (underscore, starting with number and so on). Also some time ago i found that when you have “*” in lease file instead of real hostname, it cause that script to kind of fail on that entry. Aside, there is that “hint” file, which actually can have different pair of host:ip vs lease file entry (that cause some time loong delay once dhpc really starts serving/reserving ip for specific hosts.

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