Home energy consumption monitoring

I’d be interested in monitoring the energy consumption of my home (mainly electricity but gas or even water could also be interesting later on).

Although there are a lot of companies selling boxes to do just that I thought why not using the power of TO to handle the task. After searching for alternatives for a while I bumped into Open Energy Monitor. It’s open source HW & SW so I guess this could be done in TO, right?

Once up and running, this could be the beginning of automated tasks in the house in order, the for instance, to minimise the electricity consumption, to change bad habits, or to run more efficient appliances, etc. I’ve also read quite a bit about those smart contracts that run on a blockchain platform such as Ethereum in order to transact energy, whether that’s buying or selling (assuming you have your own electricity generation installation of course). One example has been tested in Brooklyn, you can read more about it here and here and see a video here.

I’m not a programer, more like a code enthusiast, so I’d super grateful if someone could tell me if this is doable in TO? Also, please let me know if you’d be interested in testing the idea along with me and if you have any suggestion.

A few useful links I found:

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It looks like LeChacal has made a package to make the current sensors of Open Energy Monitor work with OpenWRT, see here for further detail.