Home Assistant reporting login attempt with invalid authentication from Turris Omnia's IP address

Hello there,

I’ve been getting notifications from my Home Assistant set up that there were login attempts with invalid authentications from an IP address related to my Turris Omnia. An example is shown below:


So my question is what process(es) on TO might be doing that? Is it an authorised process?

A bit more on my setup:
Home Assistant installed on a Debian Stretch in a LXC container of TO.
TO runs on Firmware OpenWrt omnia 15.05 r47055, LuCI 96366054565006474c39e02dca00c9d45dcb9e15 branch (git-18.328.59464-9636605) and Kernel 4.4.169-7bc33afbb1b35f5830b2b1b42c9cd8a0-2

Thank you!