High-performance configuration (update)

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Still wondering exactly what antennas you used. Were they the “high gain antennas” sold in this 2-pack and this 4-pack. Or were they something different.

Out of curiosity, given that each antenna is dedicated to exactly one band or the other, are there not antennas available optimized for each band?

@jsyjr: correct, I use the antennas which you found. I tested dedicated “one band” antennas for the different frequencies too, but the Linksys antennas turned out to be the best once - at least in my case.

Tom, did you need to do any software config to replace the wifi cards with your newer ones? I really want to emulate this high perf setup, but I’m quite new to linux/openwrt, so much of the base level of stuff is missing from my knowledge. :slight_smile:

Just ordered all the parts you’re using, let’s see if I can finally enjoy stable Wifi :wink:

I replicated your setup, however I’m pretty disappointed with the performance. I only get up to 260 Mbit at best, but it also seems throughput gets lower the longer a device is connected (down to below 100 Mbit). Reconnecting the device restores the throughput.

Are there any tweaks for the software side I’m missing? Did I make a mistake with cabling? What throughput are you getting?

Thanks a lot!

Zombie revive: I tried to partially replicate this for 2.4ghz. here is my setup.

The range is ridiculously low. What could be the reason? Bad cables?

Hi I have my Turris Omnia upgrade to

Here are my configuration:
MikroTik R11e-5HacT for 5Ghz AC
MikroTik R11e-2HPnD for 2,4Ghz N
Sierra AirPrime MC7700 4G/LTE 100Mbit Modem with GPS Receiver
New heatsink
New HF Cables with MMCX Connector
. RP SMA to MMCX connector, Coaxial Pigtail Cabel RG316 15cm

  • Heatsink 40x40x16-18mm (LxWxH)

What a nice config. Can you provide some insights about the heatsink? E.g. which model and where to buy?
To this, which cables did you use in detail?

Thank you for liking my config
The heatsink bring about 8 degrees less, as with the old one, 40x40x16-18mm (LxWxH) the secret is it’s a good thermal tape for the heatsink.
HF Cables for the new Wifi Cards are from Amazon, RP SMA to MMCX connector, Coaxial Pigtail Cabel RG316 15cm

I have the same hw-config than you. Would you mind, posting your software-config - especially which driver+firmware you use?

Unfortunately I have many trobules as you can see here: https://forum.turris.cz/t/wifi-wlan-5ghz-trouble-mikrotik-bit-rate-tx-24-mbit-s-20-30-mbit-s-throughput/6041/10

Which output do you get here:

cd /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy0/ath10k && cat fw_stats

Thank you very much.

Hi, here are my config:

root@Turris-Omnia:~# cd /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy0/ath10k && cat fw_stats

         ath10k PDEV stats

       Channel noise floor       -103
          Channel TX power         20
            TX frame count   16073709
            RX frame count    1041984
            RX clear count   19374819
               Cycle count 2723926737
           PHY error count        183
             RTS bad count      19432
            RTS good count    1431142
             FCS bad count     492123
           No beacon count          0
             MIB int count         35

      ath10k PDEV TX stats

        HTT cookies queued    1690169
         HTT cookies disp.    1690169
               MSDU queued    2548315
               MPDU queued    2277541
             MSDUs dropped          0
              Local enqued     858146
               Local freed     858146
                 HW queued    2166847
              PPDUs reaped    2166847
             Num underruns          0
             PPDUs cleaned          0
              MPDUs requed     121459
         Excessive retries      72651
                   HW rate          3
        Sched self tiggers       7368
 Dropped due to SW retries          1
   Illegal rate phy errors          0
    Pdev continuous xretry          0
                TX timeout          0
               PDEV resets          3
              PHY underrun          0
  MPDU is more than txop limit          0

      ath10k PDEV RX stats

     Mid PPDU route change          4
   Tot. number of statuses    1125987
    Extra frags on rings 0          0
    Extra frags on rings 1         86
    Extra frags on rings 2        104
    Extra frags on rings 3          0
    MSDUs delivered to HTT    1125987
    MPDUs delivered to HTT    1125985
  MSDUs delivered to stack      94683
  MPDUs delivered to stack      94683
           Oversized AMSUs          0
                PHY errors     350031
          PHY errors drops        144
 MPDU errors (FCS, MIC, ENC)      88978

         ath10k VDEV stats (0)

         ath10k PEER stats (0)

and this:

root@Turris-Omnia:/sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy0/ath10k# ethtool -i wlan0
driver: ath10k_pci
version: 4.4.106-1e4a549d177ab3da12b2052
firmware-version: 10.2.4-1.0-00029
bus-info: 0000:01:00.0
supports-statistics: yes
supports-test: no
supports-eeprom-access: no
supports-register-dump: no
supports-priv-flags: no

Thank you joeatx.

In the output of:

cd /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy0/ath10k && cat fw_stats

is no Station connected. So I can’t see, if higher bit rates would be visible there. If it is not too much effort would you mind posting the output again with a STA connected? Best would be a 11n / 11ac Station which is downloading a big file or with good throughput.

Really would appreciate.

I have answered you in the right thread:
(Wifi WLAN 5GHz trouble, Mikrotik, Bit rate tx 24 Mbit/s, 20-30 Mbit/s throughput)

that we keep it reasonably clean here :slight_smile:

Nobody is writing about the most important thing, the Data throughput…
How is the Data throughput with these MediaTik wifi cards. Is there any increase.
I only read about problems with this setup.

Can anyone post their testresults?

I’ve purchased both of these Microtik cards for my Turris Omnia. Been looking for cables and antennas. Any suggestions? I’m finding a mixed bag on signal loss and mmcx male/female rp sma stuff.

How’s this for antennae

where can i find more info on compatible hardware for the omnia? im very interested in “performance” builds, especially when it comes to wifi 6, but the most up to date info on this site is from like 2018

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Would you offer this configuration as a service or sell an upgraded version of these for an additional fee? I’m too much of a n00b to mess with this, but I’d love to hire someone to do it.