High-performance configuration (update)

I installed the 2.4GHz Mikrotik R11e-2HPnD wifi card with up to 1000mW output power (30dBm) and the 5GHz 802.11ac wifi card Mikrotik R11e-5HacT with up to 200mW output power (23dBm).

Also, I installed 5 dedicated (Linksys) antennas and a Samsung 850EVO mSATA SSD. And, I am using DeLock 88936 (RP-SMA to MMCX) cables. Quite a performance :slight_smile:


Can i ask which Linksys antennas you used and which rp-sma <–>u.fl cables? Always good to know the necessary information.

BTW. On the web it looks like a Qualcom/Atheros chipset, which strangle would be used out of the box. Maybe one of the box that already have been fixed in a later firmware.

I would like to know the details as well, please share. :slight_smile:

The antenna’s…“signal-gain to 4 dBi (2,4 GHz) and 7 dBi (5 GHz)”.

That isn’t much right? Or are they that WELL BUILD that they are even better then the current 5 dBi?

I was thinking to use the dedicated 2.4 GHz …10 dBi or higher antenna’s. For the 5 dBi…gonna look around if i see a good one…maybe would be the same as yours.

that’s not about the build quality, omni antennas with higher gain just distribute more energy on the horizontal plane, while they loose coverage on the vertical plane… and you’re supposed to substract the antenna gain from the output power, to stay in the legal area… in the end there might be some advantage on the reception side, but not sure if it’s worth the money

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Well isn’t the vertical plane not covered that much when we talk about Omni-antennas? I always had the idea of Omni-antennas had a coverage like a donut shape. Above and beneath (vertical) has less to know coverage.

What if you make one antenna horizontal and one vertical? Or are antenna’s in MIMO each used for their own purpose…right? (sending…receiving)…

Wow! 4 antennas together cost 80€.
Good tip about 5 GHz pigtails as I can see they’re really fat. I want them, too!

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[quote=“Big_boss, post:7, topic:1534, full:true”]
I always had the idea of Omni-antennas had a coverage like a donut shape. Above and beneath (vertical) has less to know coverage.[/quote]

right, and the higher the gain, the flatter the donut :wink:

Well, i’m not exactly an expert in this area, but .11n and .11ac seem to be optimized to provide multiplexing gain (spatial streams, better data rate) rather than providing diversity gain (better reliability) - this was the other way round with .11a/g APs with multiple antennas, they just chose the antenna with the strongest signal

I read a article about omni-antenna’s etc yesterday. I did not know indeed the “flatter the donut” becomes.

When the router is in your living room and you are sitting there with your laptop (using wifi) a 5 dBi antenna is way better then a 10 dBi antenna. A 10 dBi antenna would be better if you are chilling maybe in your yard or a bit further from your home.

11ac was indeed optimized for better data rate. Shorter wavelengths and thus more data transfer. Or this is how i have understood it. But i also thought that MIMO was made to have sort of a more dedicated antenna’s. One for sending and the other one for receiving. Just like a restaurant kitchen. One door in to the kitchen another door out of the kitchen. This way nobody will bumb against each other and thus everything will be more smoothly and efficiently

Nice setup, I like the high-quality pigtails. Shame they are so long :slight_smile:

However, how is this legal? You will be potentially putting out 30 dBm + 4 dBi - 2 dB = 32 dBm / 1.6 W EIRP on 2.4 GHz. The limit in most EU countries is around 100-200 mW - except for a few 802.11a channels where it’s around 1 W. Setups like this could potentially easily cause a lot of interference.

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Make sure you are setting the right region / country and limit the output power to regulations.

@Tom, Those DeLock 88936 (RP-SMA to MMCX) cables, they are also losing a bit of signal right? I read somewhere on the forum or somewhere else about the Omnia, that the cables are also losing some signal. Those cables that you used are kind of long or isn’t that a big deal because they are high quality cables?

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@Big_boss, the cable quality is much more important than cable length. Those DeLock cables are really good, but I did only find them with 32cm length. 8cm and 12cm length would obviously be great - but they don’t exist.

Same config of wifi cards, but an other sata card… With custom heatsink on the sata card.

Pigtails are Mikrotik MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products: ACMMCXRPSMA , but had to enlarge the middle three antenna outlets.


nice, which antennas are you using?

2x Linksys WRT002ANT-EU
1x Turris Omnia Stock

2x omni antenna 3dBi RP-SMA, dualband, 2.4GHz and 5GHz




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