Hidden posts in release topic

Proč jsou naše příspěvky skryté?

I believe the posts were hidden due to just repeating (one of) “known issues”.

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Even though it is “known issue” it prevents update to be done :frowning: Therefore I don’t understand such reaction of community…
BTW, team is asking for feedback, and this is IMHO bug :frowning:

I fully agree. I confirmed the existence of this issue, including information that this preventing the update. Remove ours “hidden” flags please.

The point of that topis is to give developers feedback with problems they are not aware of. Pointing known bugs just clutters topic and goes against purpose of it.

And for release with this bug. reForis is experimental and under heavy developement. There are important security fixes needed to be tested and distributed. Option was either wait for maintainer of reForis package to fix it or release it at least for testing. To “fix” update it is just enough to disable reForis package list.

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I understand your (team) intention… unfortunately, disabling reforis package was not done fully, resulting in error prohibitig OS update :frowning: Which is why I (and @viktor) reported bug. I’m quite sure that reporting bug is by no means cluttering forum… Either you (team) do want feedback, which means even known issues been reported, or you’ll suppress them, resulting in early testers cease to report bugs… I could sit silent and switch back from hbt to hbs and wait for developer to find error by itself :wink: which will take more time :wink: Is this what you want?

You do not understand. I have nothing against reporting problem. I just filtered out message that was otherwise not relevant to topic. I even sent @victor8 message where I thank him for confirmation. You got little bit less nice message as you have just reported known bug without referring to that.

Also our intention is not to disable reForis. The error you received is intentional and feature. It is not acceptable to remove some feature from user’s router unexpectedly just because we were unable to build it. If we would proceed with update and just removed missing package then we could one day just remove package users uses to manage its router and cut him off. Update is “broken” because of that intentionally and fix is not to disable reForis completely but rather to build it. Yours choice is to either disable reForis pkglist or to wait when update can proceed because we fixed reForis build.

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I thought that by stating “Update is not executed because of above mentioned error” it’s clear that I’m reffering to previous error message by @victor (sorry, typo, should be viktor) not to “known issue” mentioned by @pepe. Next time (if there will be one) I’ll try to be more precise, to aviod confusion.

Anyhow, wouldn’t be better and preferrable, to not release new version of OS for testing, when it can’t be implemented? And/or simply say “Ouch, there’s error, you have to wait little bit more…”

Nevím sice úplně, kdo je @victor8 nebo @victor, ale vzhledem k tomu, že v poslední době došlo opakovaně ke smazání některých mých příspěvků a tento byl označen jako nerelevantní, nemám zájem v diskusi na tomto fóru dále pokračovat.