Hidden post in Omnia Medkit Restore topic

Dear community,

I got notified that my post
was hidden.

This was probably because I previously posted the same (actually, more detailed) content here.

I know one shouldn’t cross-post the same contents in different topics, but I think the title “Medkit restore (4 leds) on Omnia hangs” of the 2nd instance is more likely to attract the attention of people having the same problem than the first “Unable to update list of packages!”.

I’d be happy to move my post from the first to the 2nd, but I think there should definitely something be in the 2nd one (or, even better in the instructions themselves as suggested in the 1st post) or others will have to search around to re-find what I did.

Thanks for your time!

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Moderation comment:

It does not make any sense to revive 3 years old thread.

(Not mine. I thought you could see it in there but I don’t know.)

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Thanks @vcunat, I did see the message when I entered my post.

Honestly though, I don’t see the advantage of creating a new thread with (mostly) the same content, just because the existing one is “old”. The fact that I had the same problem recently shows that the content of the old thread is still relevant, and anyone in the future with the same problem is going to look for it as well.

When I’m searching for a particular problem, I prefer fewer, more relevant results over many results with similar topics and content which I then have to go through one-by-one to see if any of them may contain a solution to the problem I’m experiencing.