HGST NAS HDD and power supply

I am considering a HGST NAS HDD (Data Sheet) for my Omnia NAS setup, either the 5 TB or 6 TB model.

Can anyone tell me weather this HDD needs to be supplied with extra power or is the power of the router alone enough?

I have two WD RE Raid Edition 4TB in NAS, which have even slightly higher consumption according to specs and it works just fine with power from router and NAS addon supplied cable.


Sweet. That is great news. Thank you for replyin, nijel!

I also have installed that same HDD but i’m struggling with the setup.
At the moment I only have 1 (one) HDD installed and it doesn’t show in LuCi > Mount Points

Could you provide me with instructions (beginner level) to set it up?

Thanks a lot

I managed to do it

Here are the steps I followed: Help with setting up a raid system with Turris Omnia NAS - for a beginner