Help with "Xeoma" video surveilance software installation?

I honestly have no idea if my wish is possible here and I’m such a noob at non x86/64 platforms.
I love this video surveillance software called Xeoma and they have builds for ARM v7 intended for a Raspberry Pi it looks like but they don’t call it out specifically. The Omnia uses an ARM v7. Would this software be able to be installed with Omnia? They also have a docker container (see below) but it doesn’t look like docker is native to OpenWRT but might be possible? Their documentation says you can install to LXC which OpenWRT has but I’m clueless what that entails. Can someone help me understand things better if this is even possible and point me in the direction of how?

Using LXC is documented: Basic setup of one of the supported distros is really easy IMHO, “just a few clicks”. However, I haven’t looked what this SW needs to get it working inside LXC. Ideally they “might” have packages for some of those distros.

Yeah that’s the problem they just call out LXC in the same list as VM hosts like Hyper-v, etc. I think they intend it as an x86 platform.
Is it possible to get r-Pi applications to work under LXC if so then you should be able to use the ARM software in LXC. How would one do that?

LXC will install the a Linux ARM distro into your router. You need to download the app for Linux ARM, preferably the matching distro.
If the application is designed to work with Linux ARM, it should work. If the application was developed around r-PI, then you may have problems.

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They really don’t specify which OS, only that it’s 32 or 64 bit. They want you to use a an r-pi but say to get an OS from the r-pi website which is raspbian by default but at the bottom they list all kinds of other linux distros so I guess I’ll have to just try it out and see what happens. The application is a *.app file if that helps?

*.app will probably be just for Apple’s.

*.app is used for x86/x64 Linux as well.

After several hours of slow loading of desktop gui and rdp client installs I found the program runs but the newer versions don’t like the processor the lxc container has? I’ll have to look to see if there are configurable resources so I can give the container more or something. I got the 16.x.x version working but it’s 4 years old :\ At least the camera loads and I can connect to the server externally. Not sure why but xfce4 got installed all wonky with no taskbars and it’s driving me nuts. Probably have to reinstall it. Also Xeoma shuts down if I log out and it should be running as a service so I’ve got a ways yet to go but appears to work thanks.