Help set up IPTV

I’ve spent all evening trying to set up IPTV on Turris Omnia and I have not succeeded. I am not trying to use udpxy, I just need to “forward” VLAN6 traffic to my IPTV box via ethernet port on the router.

On my ASUS router it is very easy - i just need to specify VLAN 6 to either LAN 3 or LAN 4 port on the router. See picture here:

I have tried configuring it through Luci interface according to many examples I found on the internet (eg. to no avail. It seems that I don’t see the WAN port in Luci (or at least it is not obvious) and other guides mention it.

My last attempt was to add VLAN with ID 6, plug the IPTV box to router Port 0, set Port 0 to untagged and CPU to tagged.

Does anybody have any ideas?


just for clarifying - you got WAN uplink from your provider trunked with tagged VLAN6 for IPTV you want to “separate” to some port just as Access VLAN port ?


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try to look at this - Omnia Switching Vlans and interfaces

you need to set WAN port to trunk and configure at least VLAN1 as native (untagged I assume) and VLAN6 as tagged. then set VLAN6 as access on eth port you like. And assign rest of ports including wlan to VLAN1 (I’m not sure how openwrt works if you start using VLANs - if you had to use them everywhere or it will use VLAN1 as default if you don’t specify it)

you probably don’t need to configure access/trunk mode and it will be done “automatically” by setting tagged/untagged/off. The example you’ve linked is quite nice and explaining. If I understand it right you nearly got it working. You probably “just” need to set VLAN6 as tagged on WAN port. (I’m not sure if you need to set VLAN6 in CPU )

How is that done?

Which port is the WAN port?


I’m struggling with the same problem, just different VLAN’s. Did you get this to work?

ETH1 is WAN.
ETH0 is connected to Switch Port 5
ETH2 is connected to Switch Port 6

If you need to tag vlan to ETH1, you would just to need create according subinterface ETH1.X
Technically in Linux you don’t have a “vlan” it is pretty much just another interface.

My question was in regards to the Switch settings.

I was thinking that one of these were the WAN-port, but with this default VLAN config it doesn’t make any sense to me. So perhaps I’m misunderstanding what these two default VLANs are doing.

What’s the role for VLAN1 and VLAN2?

From other threads, I thought that I could just add a line for VLAN243 here, have it untagged to the LAN-port where I want IPTV and tagged on the WAN-port.

Nope, Omnia is quite different from TP-Link and others, WAN port is not connected to switch.

As I`m not quite sure why they need 2 vlan’s on LAN side, I left it untouched.