Help running udpxy as a daemon

I downloaded the armv7 udpxy binary from the following address and copied it to /usr/bin

I am then trying to use the script shown below as a basis to run this as a daemon by creating an appropriate entry in the /etc/init.d folder

However when invoking start I end up with 2 files in /var/run - this ALWAYS contains the incorrect PID
udpxy4022.uid - this is clearly picking up the port number but does indeed contain the correct PID

Hoping a simply type but after a few hours trying different things out I cannot seem to find the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common

Copyright © 2010


IGMP_OPTS="-p 8080 -a"

start() {
echo "Starting udpxy"
start-stop-daemon -S -x $IGMP_BIN -p $PID_F -b -m – $IGMP_OPTS

stop() {
echo "Stopping udpxy"
start-stop-daemon -K -x $IGMP_BIN -p $PID_F -q

Just too quick to the keyboard! Apologies.

The thing is a support package. :0(