Help: Foris and Luci died!

Wow, no idea when this happened. But Right now Foris just returns

404 Not Found

and Luci just downloads a binary file that contains:

require "luci.cacheloader"
require "luci.sgi.cgi"
luci.dispatcher.indexcache = "/tmp/luci-indexcache"

from my bookmarked URL.

Ouch. I see nothing int he lighttpd logs to suggest what’s up and I restarted the router and still does that.
What todo? What diagnostic next? I’d like ideally to understand what is broken than to try a schnapps rewind. This be rather ouchy.

And phew I solved it. Panic stations turned off. I did in the end use schnapps to find the last snapshot that worked. Disruptive but found it. Then by taking diffs traced it to one faulty config line in lighttpd.conf, that crept in some time somewhen without proper testing. Aaargh.

Thank the heavens above for schnapps. In more ways than one if you speak German!

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