Hello world, hello password

My password is set successfully with Turris Shield.
But for Turris Omnia the password is forgotten.
I have made reset - but the old settings are taken over with medikit-latest tarball.
So it would be then easier, to set the password of Turris Shield as General password
for Shield and Omnia both ?! Is this possible ?!
Reset of Omnia did not help (for to set new password) because the old settings
of 5.1 before - were taken over in 5.2.5.
Thank you for feedback.

Password is a security password :slight_smile: . A factory reset will probably reset the user settings and leave youre the password. A factory reset may not be enough. If you reinstall the system properly, the introductory wizard will be start … or not?

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Simultaneous use of Shield and Omnia in one LAN? That does not make sense …

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I have to apologize for the inaccurate information see above - a factory reset should (according to the current documentation) allow you to recover a forgotten password

3 LEDs (Power, 0, 1)

All data, settings and software in the internal storage of the router are erased and replaced by the factory defaults. Internally the file system rolls back to a special snapshot (the one that has been created in the factory). Please use this mode when you lose your password and all means of access to the router or when the return to the latest snapshot (mode 2) is not sufficient to repair broken system.

Indication of the process progress is the same as in case of rollback to the latest snapshot (mode 2).

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Recover the password ?
In former factory reset (two years ago) the password was set new at once.
But at attempt last week it did not. It was medikat-latest of 21st August
with size of 76 MB. With factory-reset of 21st August apparently the old settings
were adopted somehow. (turris-omnia).
Well, I have to re-attempt then.

It is different.
Sometimes I use only 1 device. Sometimes it is both together. Well traffic gets slowlier then. Mostly I use 1 of both. It was thought to have one spare part - in case the other is not working.

Yes i understand … I have an old Netgear WNR3500L configured as a standby reserve … not updated :slight_smile:

But … I think if Shield is not is not a full-fledged replacement for a home router - it serves as a security accessory for an existing router.

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I have no clue about netgear - you said it is an old device.
As far as I got it from IT-news - all models of netgear have been hacked and rooted in recent 3 years at least - but I think, that this happened as long as there was Windows involved.

the mentioned netgear only serves as an emergency reserve in case of problems with main router Turris Omnia.

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