HDD power cable

Is schematic of the HDD power cable that came with the NAS version available somewhere? ‘Schematic’ really means designation of all the pins on the 6-pin connection on the board.

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Pinouts of all connectors is here:


I noticed it are 5 pins. Are there maybe partnumbers for the cable somewhere? Otherwise I’ll have to build my own cables.

I didnt find any build cable, so I build the connector from following parts and cat5e cable, the pages are in czech, but you can find there the partnumber for sure.


Chances are, if you go to your local electronic store (unless you live in some small town than maybe not exactly local store) and say you need a 5-pin connector similar to the ones PC fans have they will be able to help. The connector is a 5-pin Molex KK 254.

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Perhaps we could order a batch or so of premade cables? I think I have spent about 4h so far in hunting down components that cost less then 0.1€.

I am thinking perhaps a premade mSATA + cable kit could be developed?

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This one: 2.54mm 5-Pin Female to 2x SATA + 3-Pin Fan Power Cable Adapter?

** edit **

The yellow and orange wires needed to be swapped.

Please see this thread for details: PCI SATA controller - HDDs won't spin.


I dont think you got the right one