HBK: 5.0 Release. Wifi connection problems?

Hi all,

I’ve recently been upgrading my Omnia’s from 3.x to the HBK5 release but have hit an issue with Wifi access and I’m now a bit stuck. I’ve got the regular (factory) option wifi modules and a newer Ath10K based card for 5Ghz AC only.

After updating from 3.x to 5.0 via the switch-branch hbk I got what appeared to be a fully working system with a few kinks (DNS wasn’t working with DNSSEC or forwarding for some unknown reason)…

Mostly everything is now ok, apart from all of my Windows clients (managed via Cisco anyconnect) that can’t get an IP address from DHCP no matter what I do. They authenticate with the AP, then get stuck on acquiring IP address before failing/timing out (60 seconds approx) and then restarting the AP association process again.

I’ve googled a few potential issues with hostapd but haven’t made any progress - has anyone else had similar experiences?

Appreciate any tips or pointers - Cheers!