HBD: missing packages

Switched to HBD.

|Turris OS version|4.0|
|Kernel version|4.14.131|
##### Error notifications #####
Updater selhal: 

inconsistent: Package kmod-cfg80211 requires package kernel that is not available.

the issue has been fixed

##### Error notifications #####
Updater selhal: 

inconsistent: Package suricata-pakon requires package suricata-bin that is not available.

Thank you for reporting. Suricata-bin is not compiled in HBD due to compile issues. Patches what we have isn’t applying for the latest stable version of Suricata and for the upcoming version they want to use Rust, which is not supported in OpenWrt, yet. So, we will need to look at it sometime.

From switch-branch:

hbd (dragons)
This rolling release not only tracks latest Turris but also latest OpenWRT
development. It can frequently break and is suggested to be used only by
experienced users on non-critical infrastructure.

If you would like, you can try to compile it locally as any pull requests are welcome even in OpenWrt. We are upstreaming stuff to OpenWrt, but it takes time.

In today’s HBD build for all routers suricata-bin is present, and Pakon from Package list can be installed and works.

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