Handshake protocol - Decentralized naming and certificate authority

I’d like to know what people from this forum and mainly turris CZ.NIC team think about the handshake protocol. TLDR Decentralized (blockchain based) naming and certificate authority protocol and an experimental peer-to-peer root naming system:

Handshake DNS: https://www.hdns.io/
Handshake domain names marketplace: https://www.namebase.io/

  1. Does it make sense/Is it useful? Will it ever be?
  2. Does it solve any current DNS issues? Those claimed on their page or some additional?
  3. What new issues does it introduce?

Over the years I’ve looked into some “decentralized DNS” approaches (though not too deeply), but I’m rather skeptical that any of them could become be an “overall better” choice instead of nowadays DNS (which also evolves over time). Perhaps not even future such approaches. It’s like… I’m not convinced that attempting 100% deregulation in DNS is a good thing (e.g. impossibility of taking away a name from someone), similarly to me not believing in 100% deregulated markets.

Note that asking opinions of cz.nic employees (like myself) isn’t completely neutral, as similar schemes would in effect take away a very significant source of income…

I expect biased opinions due to possible conflict of interest. Still, I’m hoping for some answers to my 3rd question at least. You provided one, without regulation, there is no single entity to enforce power (e.g., to strip a domain name from a party). Theoretically it provides more anonymity, which helps both dissidents/press in authoritarian countries and criminals.

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