Hacker Pack: can it be used to install other router firmware than Openwrt?

If I would add the hacker pack, would I be able to for example install Tomato firmware or other firmware?

The UART adapter gives you access to the serial port which you can use to interact with the Turris via console. This kind of interaction requires minimal support from the operating system which is why it’s useful if you want to experiment with low-level stuff where e.g. SSH might not be available.

If you only want to install a different firmware you should be able to do it without the UART adapter by simply “upgrading” to a different firmware via web interface.

Thank you for the information. I think I do not need this hacker pack, because it is probably for people who have advanced knowledge. Good to know that I can install a different firmware without the pack.

And in you would like to connect external devices (without USB) it although might be useful https://discourse.labs.nic.cz/t/what-external-devices-are-you-planning-to-did-you-connect-to-your-router/207?u=m4x