Haas not working since update to 6.4.4

Been away for a few weeks, found that Haas stopped recording anything on 17thOctober after the 6.4.4 version update.

Have tried every type of reset and using medkit latest but port 22 remains closed.
Updated my second spare Omnia and that also now fails to run Haas.

Having now spoken to 3 other Omnia owners they all have the same issue, everything worked prior to update and now cannot get Haas to work.

Anyone else seeing this?

I just checked and indeed port 22 was closed for me. I generated a new token, reloaded firewall two times and its open now. Will see in an hour or so if it logs anything.

I have tried new tokens, enable/disable, firewall stop / start , new install with medkit and still port is closed.

Where did you “reload firewall” , maybe I missed a setting ?

I did /etc/init.d/firewall reload twice. Make sure you have installed sentinel-dynfw-client 1.4.0-18 or maybe the new experimental client. Or maybe I am wrong… maybe its not needed for haas?. Anyway I am on 6.4.4 and haas is working for me

Okay , sentinel -dynfw - client is there.

Where do you execute the code you posted?

in a ssh session I would think.

Thanks , that is what I tied several times over but just got “Access denied”.

Used a different client today and was able to log in.

Thank you , that worked eventually.

ran the session, reboot router, reset token, nothing … after the 4th attempt we have a working Haas .

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