HaaS 'My Honeypot' web page not showing any sessions or data

Everything pretty much up and running on a new Turris Omnia.

One thing though - and after jumping in a car to ‘borrow’ a fixed line WAN for the LTE packages, I am left with this issue:

Am now on WWAN only. I cannot get the HaaS Honeypot web page to show any sessions or data, even after a few days. Double checked everything: have the correct packages installed, have a HaaS account with confirmation email, Did SSH into Luci and ran commands for the HaaS provided token.

I’m at a loss as to what I’ve missed. Any ideas, even if just to point me in the right direction?

Do you have public IP reachable from the internets?

As is usual https://www.whatismyip.com/ shows my public IP address (IPv4). IPv6 is not detected.

When I try to ping that address from a different computer there is nothing. As mentioned, I’m using 4G (three.co.uk) only.

Afraid I might publicly embarrass myself, demonstrating a complete lack of networking knowledge. Only use GNU/Linux for writing (words, not code) with GNU/Emacs. Other than that… nothing.

haas process is running?
ps | grep haas
should display this process:
/usr/bin/python2.7 -m haas_proxy …

If process is not running, you can start it using
/etc/init.d/haas-proxy start

Your WAN address is not probably visible in network.interface.wan.
Can you try command ubus call network.interface.wan status|grep address.
My output is like this:

As @Skippi mentioned already you have to have that public ip assigned on your wan interface. In general you always end up on the internet with some public IP but you could be behind ISP’s NAT.

Yep, originally did the:

ssh root@

uci set haas.settings.token=“YOUR_TOKEN”
uci commit
/etc/init.d/haas-proxy enable
/etc/init.d/haas-proxy start

The “YOUR_TOKEN” line I’ve tried with and without the double quotes.

ps | grep haas - produces no output

Trying /etc/init.d/haas-proxy start - again produces no output

ubus call network.interface.wan status|grep address - produces no output

Thanks, and thanks to AreYouLoco too. Last thing I want to do is be that annoying newbie. I can do everything I need through this router, Web, SSH etc, etc. Think I need to attend networking school and start reading up on this subject.

I can always remove Haas, no sweat.

It also depends on your wan interface name it could be wwan for example so thats why the commands mentioned dont work. You could just go to LUCI->Interfaces and check which ip is listed there on your wan/wwan interface.

…especially on mobile connections and you say use 4G

A quick Duckduckgo found this from 2016 (edited for brevity). Yes, as mentioned earlier, I’m on Three (4G):

"Three… no longer giving out public IP addresses.

And no… I don’t mean static, I mean public… why does everyone keep getting those confused today?

Anyway… as the title says… three are no longer using public IP addresses. The rotten swines have for some reason called it a day on that - which was a rather useful feature. I can only presume that they decided it’s too expensive or the government got difficult about it being misused by the lergy called terrorism."

If you don’t have public IP, it is probably not so important to have running haas, because only users from the same mobile network opeerator can access your device.
I am afraid, that haas is not ready for situation when wan interface does not have IP address, but probably on 4G modem.
BTW: Can you try the following command (list of available interfaces)?
ubus list network.interface.*
I have these interfaces:


Apologies for delay in reply Skippi

4G is up and running. Output from: ubus list network.interface.*


However, bottom line seems as if I’ll have no need for Haas anyway as I don’t have a public IP.

Just blindly following instructions without understanding is obviously not the Linux way. And, I don’t expect you to do my homework mate. Intend to find the definitive newbie source for easy networking skills on Linux. Emphasis is on ‘easy’. NAT, Zones, Port Forwarding etc are foreign to me.

About to uninstall HaaS altogether.

This thread will be useful for those who might be considering the same setup (4G only), so your input was definitely not wasted and much appreciated :slight_smile:

I suppose, that you your IP address is not in WAN, but in LTE interface.

Can you check it in command ubus call network.interface.lte status|grep address and is it private address(10.X.X.X, 172.X.X.X, 192.168.X.X) or public address (anything else)?

If you can see IP address (even if private), solution may be change of string network.interface.wan to network.interface.lte in /etc/init.d/haas-proxy and restart of haas:
/etc/init.d/haas-proxy start

There is no lte interface in their setup.

Thanks Skippi & AreYouLoco

Just too much above my skill level I’m afraid. I’d probably mess it up and have to do a full reset.

Last thing I want to do is have you type up masses of replies when I should be reading up on this subject. Obviously not as simple as I thought. Yes, I’ve been changing my network settings every day, and they could’ve at one time matched yours.

Anyway, I’ve already deleted the HaaS software from my Omnia. Maybe I’ll come back to it later in the year, if it’s even possible without a public IP address.

Many thanks again