[GUIDE] Advice / List of VDSL Modem Bridge for Turris Omnia/Mox for Wan & SFP especially Germany

Here is my list for VDSL-Modems you can use with Turris Omnia or Mox

I hope this helps new Turris Omnia Owners
PS: https://www.allnet-shop.de for Germany is often cheaper than Amazon and they shipping is very fast, faster than a week or two like they say on the website


@omni Thank you for this list.

It seems you already tested the SFP-Modules, successfully.

Maybe you also have some overview of the marketsitutation:
Have you already seen a G.FAST SFP? asking for a Friend :wink:


also there is the Zyxel VMG-1312-B
(100Mbps, Black, Smallish)

its quite dated but was the “official” modem sold by Deutsche Telekom for Business Customers and is still recieving software updates.

This Vdsl2 mini Modem is also possible:


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According to the pdf it supports profile 30a, it mentions 35b in passing, while trying to make a case for SFP-cages:
“Proscend 180-T VDSL2 SFP modem realizes the modulation of VDSL2 broadband access. It can be integrated with routers, switches or residential gateways that are equipped with a SFP type of WAN interface. There’s no more need for Service Providers to maintain more than one type of CPE device in the field or in the warehouse, moreover, this also can give them the possibility to future upgrade. Users can upgrade to any broadband access data rate easily only by plugging in different type of WAN SFPs such as VDSL2 35b/G.fast or optical TRx SFPs with the same internet box and user interface.”

hi, unfortunately no. This seems to be a g.vector / vectoring modem. I’m looking for it’s successor.

Thanks for this correction :slight_smile:

Thanks for the list, this is very usefull. @omni what do you mean with “ONLY WORKS WITH UPDATED TURRIS OMNIA”? What version are you referring to? I’m currently running 3.11.6, will it be compatible?

eth1.7 does not work me think with the MOX. eth0 is Wan, and over here this PPPoE over et0.6 is not solid. does not connect after reboot, gives funny errors in forris etc…

the forris 95-96 i think, after update you got the version 100.

Oh no sorry, works for Turris Omnia, tell us the Settings for Mox in the future :slight_smile:

What is the best way to connect a Turris MOX with DTAG 250 Mbps Super VDSL? I read, that the MOX WAN port is only 10/100 MBit. Is there something like a Super VDSL to SFP adapter like the one linked above?

That seems to be wrong, the port seems to be a 1Gbps ethernet port, but depending on what the router needs to do with packets from/to WAN it might not be able to reach the full 1Gbps, but certainly >> 10/100Mbps.

Looks like I confused that with the Turris Omnia. Yeah you are right there.

I am just currently considering upgrading our line to 250MBit/s. I would definitely prefer a Router / Modem combo that supports that. So I guess the DrayTek Vigor 165 in combination with a MOX Classic should be okay? It is a bit pricy, but has it’s benefits of course :smiley:

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I am probably misunderstanding you, but the omnia also has 1000/100/10 Mbps capable ethernet ports ;).

From my testing a turris omnia with NAT and the default firewall (but without PPPoE decapsulation) will do ~936 Mbps unidirectional or 1700 Mbps bidirectional.
That is close to the uni-directional 1000 * ((1500-20-20-12)/(1538)) = 941.48 Mbps that I can maximally expect on the test link (I use RFC1323 timestamps that "cost’ 12 bytes of added overhead).

And even with sqm-scipts layer_cake.qos I can reach 500/500 Mbps bidirectionally reliably. Now the MOX has a IMHO slightly better CPU, but since it runs considerably sloer than the omnia’s I assume it will not reach the omnia’s performance, but I believe the 250/40 (or more recently the up to 292/46 that DTAG actually supplies) should be well within reach of a MOX. (Personally, I find the MOX a very attractive concept, the only thing I would have wished for would have been a second Gbps ethernet port on the basis module.) About the quality of the available “super vectoring” modems, I have no data or opinion.
Once you have something up and running, it would be nice if you could summarize your experience here in a forum post :wink:

Cross-Referencing this post:

There seems to be a g.fast capable Version of the ALL4781 SFP (also called ALL4783) now, see:

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I have just switched to Vodafone broadband which runs through my phone line in UK, no cable connection unfortunately. I’m waiting for my Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub to be delivered.
I am interested in the Turus Omnia & have seen a used Omnia 2GB for sale.

Will this run if I put my router/modem from Vodafone into bridge mode and connect the Omnia to it.

Sorry, I’m new to this but very keen to learn cos of the benefits.

Thaks in advance