Guest WiFi on MOX AP?

I have WiFi and Guest WiFi configured on my Omnia and using MOX as an Access Point. MOX automatically configures just the standard WiFi. Is there a way how to set also the Guest WiFi on the very same MOX AP?


If you’ll search the forum, you’ll find out that the SDIO wifi card on MOX has problems with multiple SSIDs and cannot thus (yet) serve multiple wifi networks :frowning:

We are aware that there are some issues mostly related to multi SSID with SDIO Wi-Fi card which is being used in Turris MOX. A few days ago, we managed to get fixes for in hostapd and mwifiex driver and that change is being staged in wireless-drivers-next tree.

However, there is some additional work, which needs to be done. OpenWrt is using heavily patched hostapd in their stable releases. On the other hand, there is the latest hostapd in the master branch, which they pushed 2 days ago. It is a question if it is going to be backported to OpenWrt 19.07 as they don’t make things easier either. If there is no reviewer or nobody cares from their team, it won’t be fixed. (e.g. hostapd: add RADIUS mac authentication which is handy for using WPA-802.X mode), but this does not mean that this is not going to be fixed in Turris OS. We will integrate those changes and will be in part of the next releases. We will let you know.

More details about it: