Guest network with Unifi Cloudkey

I’m using a TO with 4.0.5. I’ve set up a router interface to use as a guest network and everything seems to work fine.

I have two Ubiquiti wifi access points, one for regular network wifi and the other for guest wifi. Both are working well.

I have a Ubiquiti Unifi Cloudkey controller and if I plug it into the regular network it sees that wifi access point and says the one on the guest network (separate subnet) is disconnected. If I plug it into the guest network, it says the opposite.

The Cloudkey is while the guest wifi is How can I get one to see the other?


You need a firewall rule that allows the cloud key traffic towards the ap. Search in my early posts, there you will find a thread nearly exactly posting what you want (reaching lan-network from a device connected to guest network).