Guest network with IPv6 support

TurrisOS from 2020-09-15 (5.x), Turris MOX Classic.

I did configured IPv6 and it does work correctly inside the LAN.

On other hand, by default iPv6 doesn’t work for any devices in Guest network.

I did: enabled DHCPv6 ports inside FW, set part of prefix (/4 from /64 for guest devices), but sadly not getting any IPv6 assigned.
In guest interface I also configured IPv6 same way as for LAN.

  1. is this behaviour expected? I’d assume in this time guest devices should also get IPv6 by default

  2. Any ideas what am I missing?

IIRC /64 prefix is generally not considered divisible into sub-networks. (but I don’t know these things well)

Yes, it’s true. ISPs should assign /48, /56 or /60 (see RFC 6177) to each customer but many of them don’t comply this rule - they assign only /64 so they substantially limit usability of customers’ networks. Principles of building IPv6 home networks are described in RFC 7368.

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There’s an issue opened about this. In the issue description, there are necessary details of what should be adjusted in order to have IPv6 working in the guest network.


Thank you, I asked for a /60 and I got it. Now is subnet assigned correctly.

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