Guest network SDIO Wi-Fi issue workaround

Dear Turris users,

we were trying to figure out what is going on with SDIO Wi-Fi and guest network for quite some time. We haven’t got to the exact root cause yet as it is working on some devices and doesn’t on others. But in general, the feedback we got and we were later able to reproduce in our testing environment is that with guest network enabled, the Wi-Fi is much less stable. We were able to find a workaround that seems to help (at least in our testing environment) and would like to ask you to help us test it as the errors might depend on client device and the environment.

How to test it:

  1. ssh to your router
  2. run wget -O /lib/firmware/mrvl/sd8997_uapsta.bin && sync
  3. reboot your router

What it does is that it reverts the Wi-Fi card firmware to older version that seems to be more stable even though it is probably missing some important bug fixes. We are in contact with chip manufacturer and trying to find a better solution, but for now, this seems to help.

Let us know if it helped you!

Sidenote - this does not affect 802.1X, still investigating if something can be done regarding that.