Getting kresd to read /etc/hosts

My understanding is that dnsmasq is not answering DNS queries by default, but rather kresd. (This is great, I’m not complaining).
I see from the kresd documentation that it can read /etc/hosts as a hint, but I’m unclear how to enable this via uci/ubus configuration. Is it supposed to work by default?
I’m trying to make sure that routers that have a unique name can always be reached even if WAN is down.

See this part of wiki:


Extend section ‘kresd’ of /etc/config/resolver by

list hostname_config '/etc/hosts'

that fixed my last issue :) , thanks.

some time ago i managed to get my domain.lan hosts to be correctly resolved (resp. ping, dig, nslookup worked as expected), with one and only,router itself. Where only ping worked with shortname only (and ip of course). All other failed (no answer, nx domain,…etc). Now all seems to be as i wanted fullname, shortname, aliases… all fine.