Germany: Turris omnia black, 2GB RAM, Hacker Pack, Wall Mount, separate 2,4GHz-WLAN-Card&Cables for sale: 290€+shipping


I received my turris from Indiegogo in late November and have been using it for nearly a month now.
I replaced the standard-2,4GHz-Card with a MikroTik RouterBOARD R11e-2HPnD and added cables for more signal strength and a more stable connection (the only thing not included would be two additional antenna as I took two antenna from another router and won’t sell those). With the new card the connection is stable and the coverage is really wide. The router works as expected.
The price for this all in all new would be (that is what i paid) around 350$. I offer it for 290€ + shipping (or you can collect it near Mainz, Germany).


Would you sell the wall mount seperatly? I live near Mainz and could pick it up.

I have sent you a PM.

You can ask some photos of your item. I am of Polish what the cost of shipping.

Surely you can. I’ve sent you a PM.

Is the Turris Omnia already sold?

If not, I would be interested. Feel free to send a PM.