Generate_medkit fails, gives error for updater-ng pkgupdate


I’m trying to build a medkit using the latest source from github, (GitHub - CZ-NIC/turris-build: Mirror of, and mostly it went fine, but now, when i try to run “generate_medkit -t mox”, i get this error:

warning: redirecting to Turris / updater / updater · GitLab
/bin/bash: line 13: /home/jblakey/mox_repos/turris-build/turris-tools/updater-ng/pkgupdate: No such file or directory

Here’s my complete steps so far, trying to follow steps from GitHub - CZ-NIC/turris-build: Mirror of I’m trying this on Ubuntu 20.04, running on WSL.

  1. sudo apt install ca-certificates git build-essential zlib1g-dev gawk libssl-dev subversion unzip libncurses-dev wget python python3 file rsync gcc-multilib g+±multilib
  2. sudo apt install automake
  3. sudo update-alternatives --set fakeroot /usr/bin/fakeroot-tcp
  4. git clone GitHub - CZ-NIC/turris-build: Mirror of
  5. cd turris-build
  6. ./compile-pkgs prepare-tools -t mox
  7. WAIT LONG TIME - seems to complete fine
  8. ./generate_medkit -t mox

What am I missing?


Now sure if this helps, but I see this in my build/logs directory:

jblakey@CIRA-20190014:~/mox_repos/turris-build/build$ more logs/feeds/turrispackages/updater/updater-supervisor/dump.txt

Package: updater-supervisor
Version: 1.3.1-2
Depends: +libc +GCC_LIBSSP:libssp +USE_GLIBC:librt +USE_GLIBC:libpthread +updater-ng +pkglists +l10n-supported +python3-
light +python3-uci +python3-distro +cronie
Build-Variant: python3
Section: updater
Category: Turris Updater
Repository: base
Title: Updater supervisor and its library
Maintainer: CZ.NIC
Source: updater-supervisor-1.3.1.tar.xz
License: MIT
Type: ipkg
Description: Updater supervisor and its library

Package: updater-supervisor-src
Version: 1.3.1-2
Depends: +libc +GCC_LIBSSP:libssp +USE_GLIBC:librt +USE_GLIBC:libpthread
Section: opt
Category: Extra packages
Repository: base
Maintainer: CZ.NIC
Source: updater-supervisor-1.3.1.tar.xz
License: MIT
Type: ipkg

Makefile:49: *** Package/updater-supervisor-src is missing the TITLE field. Stop.

Also, during the build, i see many errors like these - things continue, but I don’t know if these are relevant…

ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/foris/foris-plugins-distutils/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/foris/foris-plugins-distutils/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/foris/foris-storage-plugin/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/foris/foris-storage-plugin/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/foris/foris-subordinates-plugin/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/foris/foris-subordinates-plugin/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-data-collection-plugin/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-data-collection-plugin/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-diagnostics-plugin/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-diagnostics-plugin/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-distutils/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-distutils/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-netboot-plugin/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-netboot-plugin/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-netmetr-plugin/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-netmetr-plugin/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-openvpn-plugin/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-openvpn-plugin/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-remote-access-plugin/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-remote-access-plugin/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-remote-devices-plugin/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-remote-devices-plugin/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-remote-wifi-settings-plugin/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-remote-wifi-settings-plugin/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-shield/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-shield/dump.txt for details
ERROR: please fix feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-snapshots-plugin/Makefile - see logs/feeds/turrispackages/web/reforis/reforis-snapshots-plugin/dump.txt for details
Collecting package info: done
Collecting target info: done
Updating feed ‘node’ from ‘^e89f3cfaac6b6a4525704d18fd687b5740540a5d’ …


It is not good to include just short messages like this. I am sure that there was something earlier that said something about missing dependencies. I experienced the same a while ago.

Dependencies, which are covered in README do not include dependencies for generating medkits yet.

For now, they cover essentials dependencies to get you run with basic stuff necessary for the build system to compile packages for Turris OS / OpenWrt.

You can take a look at this pipeline that we are testing medkit generations, and you can see which dependencies we are using there. I understand that it is not as it should be, but I’m working on improvement! :slight_smile:

TL;DR: Install dependencies from Docker image (in HBL branch) for generating medkits, remove folder turris-tools folder inside your turris-build repository, and you are free to go!

Yours 2nd and 3rd posts are related to source Python packages, these errors are harmless, but others need to be taken care of. Related to scripts/feeds: generate index after all feeds are updated by Cynerd · Pull Request #3861 · openwrt/openwrt · GitHub


Thanks for the response. Lots to look at on that pipeline. I ended up resolving this specific problem by deleting the turris-build/turris-tools/update-ng directory. It was recreated on next generate_medkit run, and then worked better.

Thanks, again,