Gcc package is missing from TurrisOS opkg repo

I’m trying to install gcc on Turris Omnia router from packages, and it looks like the package is missing from Turris OS repo?

opg update

Updates are downloaded successfully.

opg list | grep gcc

Empty output.

opg list | grep binutils
opg install binutils

Binutils are there and can be successfully installed if I rename existing file /bin/strings to /bin/busybox-strings to avoid conflict during the installation.

These is a gcc package in upstream OpenWRT, but if I download it manually and install from file, gcc fails to run because of linkage to the different libc (TurrisOS uses musl libc, and OpenWRT uses uClibc).

Obviously gcc package was present in TurrisOS repo some time ago (in Mar 2020), but as now it’s missing.

Is gcc package gone for good, or it’s just some temporary CI problem in TurrisOS repo?

How to install gcc on my Omnia?

I suspect the reason why you want gcc is to compile stuff on Omnia. Normally you could do that in LXC container. And if you want to compile on Omnia and for Omnia then you should read about cross-compiling

I just wanted to compile small third party package (STUN client implemented in C). I’m not sure if this small goal is worth configuring the cross-compiler on the big x86_64 host machine. Anyway, gcc should be in repo, right?

Hi @waqur,

There might be two issues, why you don’t have gcc available to install.

  1. Which version of Turris OS do you have?
    gcc is not present in Turris OS 3.x version. If you are using it, then I’d suggest you jump directly to version Turris OS 5.x by using experimental opt-in migration (wait until Turris OS 5.2 is released) or by using reflash method.

  2. Before you want to install some packages, you need to run opkg update, and then you can install any package you want.


root@router:~# opkg list | grep gcc
gcc - 7.4.0-5 - Build a native toolchain for compiling on target device.

I can confirm that I am running HBK (5.1.10) and I have that package available.

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Yes, I’m running Turris OS 3.x at the moment. Thanks for clarification, I will upgrade to Turris OS 5.x.

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