FTTH Internet + Phone Over VLAN


First of all I must say this is a great project and it’s very nice that we finally get a really open-source router (hardware included).

Now, my ISP (Vodafone Portugal) provides my Internet connection (and phone) over FTTH, the way to do this is to deliver the services over different VLANs on the optic fiber. Their Thomson router is configured to deal with this. I know there are other ISPs specially here on Europe doing this.

Their config is something like:

  • VLAN 100 => Internet connection (IPv4 + IPv6)
  • VLAN 101 => Phone service (VOIP over IPv4)
  • VLAN 105 => TV Service (Stream over IPv4)

So I’ve two questions:

  1. Is it possible to configure your router to connect to the Internet on this kinds of ISPs? Does your router chip support VLANs with high numbers like 100? I know for a fact that most routers only support VLANs up to 10…
  2. Is it possible for me to set the router to deliver the VLAN 101 and 105 over two specific LAN ports so I can connect to them my TV box and a analog VoIP telephone adapter (ATA) on the other one?

Thank you.

If I take the ethernet cable from the ONT (the middle box that is connected to the optic fiber) and connect it directly to my computer, in order to have a working internet connection I’ve to edit my network interfaces like this:


auto eth1.100
iface eth1.100 inet dhcp

Then restart the network… service networking restart and I’ve this new network interface the eth1.100 with the internet connection there. Just connecting the cable and setting the interface eth1 as DHCP won’t work.

Additionally I’m used to configure this ISP on a Draytech Vigor2960 router by setting WAN like this:

As you can see I’ve the VLAN Tag enabled set to ID 100 (the internet VLAN provided by the ISP).

Additionally on other models like the Vigor 2130 I’m able to set another VLANs for VOIP and IPTV to be delivered on specific LAN ports so I can connect phone / TV hardware there.

There are some threads here with references that suggest that assigning VLANs and controlling VLAN tagging will be available on a per-port basis (as expected). Just have a look at OpenWRT’s switch documentation to get an idea of how it works.

I’d be surprised if the HW wouldn’t support VLAN IDs >100 but that’s something only the developers can confirm.