FreeRADIUS dynamic VLAN assignment with MAC authentication on LAN and WLAN

The idea is that I have two VLANs:

  • VLAN 10: Private (
  • VLAN 100: Public (

Then also a MAC Address List, which contains all Devices, that are allowed connecting to the private VLAN.

FreeRADIUS should then no matter how the device is connected (LAN or WLAN), assign the correct VLAN. The MAC Address Authentication should work without requiring 802.1X and WPA Enterprise.

Here is an example, in this case with UNIFI and only with WLAN, to better understand what I want to accomplish in OpenWRT: UniFi, OpenWRT, freeRADIUS: Mac Address Dynamic VLAN Assignment for WPA2-PSK | Nick Bettison

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