Free VPN services are safe to use?

there are many VPN providers who provide this process for free, all are safe to use? Need some suggestion



thanks for your response

find Vtunnel and it is really good

depends on ‘safe’ definition, e.g. dns, logging, tracking, deep packet inspection (man in the middle), content control, firewall

It bears down to trusting the vpn provider (vs. isp) and their claims about privacy, e.g. there is no way to verify no-logging policies. Some VPN providers got caught sharing their logs with 3rd parties.

Perhaps this is an interesting reading, just to figure out what you want to achieve with a VPN.

Free VPN services are hardly to be trusted in any regard ever.


I agree 100%. If you want to do it properly with a 3rd party provider, then it cannot be free. Without knowing your use-case, it is impossible to make any useful recommendations…

FWIW, I run OpenVPN on my TO to a) circumvent Geo-Fencing when I am abroad, and b) to work securely with public wifi networks; this solution is free.

Permanently use of free VPN is very risky for trial you can use. I was also used TunnelBear free VPN service which provides 500mb data usage and had a great experience with the service. There are many more services available on ReviewsDir. I am using NordVPN which is cheap and provide the best service you can also read review here

While torrentfreak focuses on torrents, they regularly review VPN services and discuss online privacy. You might have a look.

You will pay on free service by other thinks, like follow:

  • get additional or replaced advertisement
  • pay witth your personal data
  • pay by telling your access codes

Free chease are only available on a mousetrap.

Never go for free services. Free VPN is not a product but it makes a product. It is now a strong opinion that free services do not keep logs and leak IP addresses. Go always for the best paid vpn, read about them, their features and choose the one that suits you.

Get PIA or NordVPN. Don’t ever use free VPN services

azirevpn wireguard is free and trustworthy - just a little more difficult to set up.
you get the same service forfree as paid version